Naked Pizza 3rd Avenue New York City, NYC

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Naked Pizza 3rd Avenue New York City, NYC

Posted By: Mad Greek
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The fall of man can not be confused with the season of fall. One brings failure, the other brings food. Last month the one of a kind "Naked Pizza", originally from The Naked Capitol of the U.S.A., New Orleans, Louisiana, finally made its way to the corner of 57th Street and Third Avenue in NYC. Thanks to Rich Jacobson and his partners, another such gem will be opening on 14th Street and Third Ave. - East Chelsea which is quickly becoming the pizza capitol of NYC.

I also learned two other important pizza facts from Rich today while dining in his place on 57th. First, one of the best places to lose or forget your phone, is on top of a pizza box. Second, my lovely God-daughter Cori, can now enjoy pizza again as Naked Pizza solves one of the great problems facing so many and that is their ability to enjoy and digest pizza made with junk. Naked Pizza has none of it. And most importantly, it tastes very good. The product is priced right, tastes right and is just plain right all the way. That righteousness goes a long way in today's world of wingnuts and the daily parade of horribles. 

If your up for a new, clean and refreshing experience, all with fresh ingredients an nothing harmful for you, go get yourself a stack of ultra thin pies, or any of their other great looking designer pies and feel free to eat away, calories are hardly a concern.

Ralph Kramden once dreamed of lo-cal pizza and his Neapolitan knockwurst that he liked so much. Well Ralphie Boy, your ship finally came in at Naked Pizza.

Kudos to Rich Jacobson for taking the rights to this fresh and upstart franchise and for his Honeymoon voyage into the land of Abeetz.

Naked Pizza's ultra thin crust bar pizzette - Neapolitan 10" ranks a 6 of 8 slices and a pleasant surprise for the Mad Greek.

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