Monte’s Pizza Smithtown Long Island

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Monte’s Pizza Smithtown Long Island

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img_0627img_0628Monte's Pizza was a place I didn't even know existed until we drove by it and my mother screamed STOP!!  So after almost having an accident, since my sister locked the brakes and we were near ice, we all looked at her and said "what"!!

She said, we just passed Monte's Pizza and that was supposed to be good!

After turning the car around and walking into Monte's located on 300 Maple Ave in Smithtown 631.979.2020, we were greeted with the smile of an adorable girl with blond hair.  She gleamed as she asked us for our order.  The Sicilian looked good so I requested a slice.  Once cooked for a minute or so, she handed it over to me and I took my first bite.  Monte's pizza was extremely good and I was shocked to find out they are using 100% pure soy oil with no trans fats!  If I had seen this sign prior to ordering, I do not think I would have taken the chance of trying it.  But there was no possible way to tell the difference here.  This pizza was crisp on the bottom, had a great sweet smooth sauce and the cheese was melted and fantastic.  The inner crust was nice and soft as well.

Monte's was better then La Cucina, but still not better then Rocco's.  These were 2 very different kind of slices though so it is hard to compare.  Next time I am visiting, I will certainly go and try out another slice at Monte's.  Hopefully the same girl will serve me the slice!

Monte's Pizza gets 6 out of 8 slices.  Excellent work guys....and girls!!

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