Mona Lisa Pizza Deerfield Beach

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Mona Lisa Pizza Deerfield Beach

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A new pizza place just opened up in Deerfield Beach, Florida.  It is called Mona Lisa and located on 2009 NE 2nd St. Deerfield Beach, FL
954-420-5644.  One of our readers tipped me off about the place and I couldn't wait to get there and try it.

It seems like the place did the build and opening in record time, as I was at this location only a couple of months prior and nothing was there except the tattoo parlor.  My family and I went there on a Friday night, but it was packed and we chose another place.  We figured it would be slower on a Sunday night and we were right.  We got there pretty late in the evening and sat down by the door.

The owner of Mona Lisa must have watched too many gangster films, as he pays worship to these men on the wall with photos everywhere staring at you while you eat, as if they are saying "you don't like the food here, you better not write up a bad review....or else."   Lucky for Mona Lisa (and I guess me), I have nothing too bad to say about their food.

Naturally, I ordered a plain pie, and my wife and son ordered wings.  While we waited we got to speak to the waiter about the history.  The original Mona Lisa, was a pastry shop and cafe in Brooklyn.  One of the family moved down here, and now we are lucky to have a second.  Remind me later to discuss the incredible pastries they offer at this place later on, for now let's focus on the pizza.  Actually, let's just make mention of the wings, which my son thought were some of the best he has ever had.  When the pizza came out, I was a bit surprised to see that the cheese wasn't really melted.  They were using some fresh mozzarella cheese, but it would have been nice to have the cheese melted a tad bit more, since it got cold really fast and almost hardened, and thickened up, making it almost rubbery.  The sauce was nice and sweet, and tasted really fresh.  They apparently spent a great deal of time on their recipe and making it fresh daily.  The crust was my favorite part of this pizza.  The crust was pretty good here, nice and crisp, and with a delicious taste to it.

After tasting the pizza, I told the guy I was from worstpizza, and kind of expected the manager to come over to talk to me, but for some reason the staff all just pointed and talked about me from the distance?  Now, let's discuss the pastries...thanks for reminding me.  You need to try the deserts here, they are handmade and incredible.

Mona Lisa is a nice surprise for pizza lovers in Deerfield Beach.  Deerfield Beach definitely does not have much other quality to choose from, and considering that it is in a tourist area by the beach, it makes for an excellent choice for dinner after catching some rays.

Mona Lisa gets 6 out of 8 slices.

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