Martino’s Pizza Kings Park, NY

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Martino’s Pizza Kings Park, NY

Posted By: Mad Greek
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On a day when the stock market has seen its worst declines since the Flash Crash of May 6, 2010, and the epitaph of what could be the last year and the death of "Change 2008", comes another disappointment in the form of pizza.

I first took notice of Martino's Pizza Restaurant of Kings Park, NY a year ago as it stood opposite the Clayton Funeral Home, a place of temporary rest for a dearly departed friend. I'm sure if he were still alive and knew I was heading to Martino's Pizza he probably would have told me where I could have found better.

It's truly a shame as the place looks nice inside and probably is a big hit with the locals as well, but not with me.

Here again is another pizzeria that wants to make 20 different types of pizza and have them ready to warm up, yet fails to make their neopolitan competitive with the competition.

I ordered a regular Neapolitan slice, and  a corner slice of the grandma pizza. Both looked good on sight and both looked like sizeable portions. Especially the grandma slice which sported nice plum stewed tomato on a sizable square. The platitudes however, stop right there.

Even while fully cooked, both slices had an undercooked feel on the palate. Worse, in such situations, as was the case today, my digestive constitution will be challenged.

There was no balance or match on the crust/sauce/cheese connection and in particular, the regular slice. The sauce fired off as extra sweet and was lathered on, to the point where melted cheese was sliding off the slice. There was complete separation of ingredients as even the sauce didn't seem to want to belong to the crust of the pie.

The grandma slice should have been the saving point of the lunch at Martino's Pizza. Again, it was short, undercooked by my standards to a bottom that looked more opaque than brown and a doughy rise that begs to be cooked well done.

My club soda tasted like it came out of a stale metallic canister and obviously not fresh.

Such is the life of a pizza critic. You can only roll the dice so often before they come up snake eyes.

In this case, both Martino's Pizza of Kings Park slices come in at vision blurred snake eyes or just barely a 4 out of 8 slices. So the next time you're in King's Park, remember that the best pizza in New York is in Queens. God save the Queens and the pizza therein. Hopefully this was just an off day for Martino's Pizza in Kings Park.

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