Maroni Cuisine Pizza Northport, NY

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Maroni Cuisine Pizza Northport, NY

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Anyone living on the North Shore of Long Island has probably heard of Maroni Cuisine Pizza and their Italian Restaurant in Northport, NY. What makes Maroni's Pizza so special? Well to start, they are the smallest restaurant in Northport, I mean like ridiculously small. Secondly, the chef challenged Bobby Flay to a meatball throw down and won.

Even though Maroni's is known for their meatballs, and Italian dishes, my purpose today was to have Maroni's Pizza. It was a fortuitous day since I was able to go celebrate a communion and eat pizza at the same time with one of my favorite families.

Please do not judge the photo above as the reason you should like or dislike Maroni's Pizza. By the time I got to taking a picture, the guests at the table grabbed 3 of the slices. They obviously couldn't wait a second for the expert to do his thing. So I grabbed the slice closest to us in the image. It was thin, crisp, and held together nicely.

This wasn't a regular sized pie, it was more of an individual style. I let some of the chunkier tomato sauce fall off and took my first bite. The way to describe this pizza was similar to a bar pie. It tasted great. The cheese was a fresh mozzarella, the sauce that I left on the slice was sweet and almost perfect. The crust tasted good but not great, but it didn't matter too much since overall this was a great slice.

We ended up ordering a couple more since the others at the table kept eating more and more. It is funny, people regularly make fun of me for not eating Veal or Fish, but when it comes down to it, most people just want to eat simple. And pizza is one of those foods they can't help themselves but fill up on.

Maroni Cuisine Pizza in Northport, NY gets 6 out of 8 slices.

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