Mark Cuban NAKEDPizza and Texas

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Mark Cuban NAKEDPizza and Texas

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markcuban-mavericks.jpgYou might recognize Mark Cuban as the owner of the Dallas Mavericks. He was the founder of, which Yahoo! bought for $4.6 billion, and he's an angel investor with a new investment plan he's calling the Mark Cuban Stimulus Plan.

His first investment under that plan is into NAKEDPizza, which is currently only in New Orleans, but wants to nationally franchise. To do that, they need money. To get that money, they sold Cuban the rights for their development in Texas.

NAKEDPizza is, itself, an interesting phenomenon. Building on the NAKED line of nutritional foods, which are made organically and without additives. The NAKEDPizza restaurant in New Orleans makes pizza without additives, preservatives, colorants, etc. In other words, it's naked, real pizza. They were founded in 2006 and are now ready to franchise.

Mark Cuban is obviously impressed with the company and says that he's convinced to invest.nakedpizza

“Simply the World's Healthiest Pizza,” he says—quoting one of their taglines. “They work their asses off.”

Another unique aspect of NAKEDPizza is their embracing of social networking online as their major advertising model. Through Twitter and Facebook, primarily, they spread and promote themselves and have built impressive numbers of followers (3,400+ on Twitter so far).

Overall, what we're seeing here is a strong, grassroots push from NAKEDPizza and it's about to combine with the entrepreneurial investment power of Mark Cuban. This could make for some very interesting developments. The company believes that Texas alone could support up to 75 restaurants.

I wonder if Cuban will give discounts to Mavericks fans...

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