Mario’s Pizza Syosset, NY

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Mario’s Pizza Syosset, NY

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If you live in Syosset, there is no doubt that you frequent Mario's Pizza. Mario's has been in Syosset for probably over 40 years and is an institution. They have since expanded to several other towns around Long Island and it appears each one is just as busy as the original location. I have so many memories of eating there as a child, so during a recent visit to Long Island I reached out to a childhood friend named Andy and we met there to reminisce about the good ole' days.

Mario's Pizza changed quite a bit since I had last been there. The seating arrangement was changed and they had a downstairs opened with more tables. I didn't recognize any of the faces behind the counter but the pizza looked the same. I ordered one regular slice and sat down to catch up.


Another longtime schoolmate "Doug" arrived on the scene and we sat for a long time recalling how Syosset was and what had changed. When the pizza arrived on the table, one thing I knew didn't change...and that was the pizza. One thing I recall always enjoying about Mario's Pizza in Syosset was that it was crisp and tasted delicious. The sauce was smooth and sweet and the cheese always tasted like a quality blend. Even as a young pizza expert, I always chose Mario's over the competition (except Raimo's).

This slice brought back so many tasty memories. It is truly remarkable how the brain can immediately recall events based upon a smell or a taste. Mario's Pizza was exactly how I recalled. The cheese was generously applied on top of a sweet tasting, smooth sauce, and the crust was tasty and crisp. It was good enough to go back up to the counter and get a second slice.


If you haven't tried Mario's Pizza in Syosset, you are missing out on a good slice of Long Island Pizza. It is the original and best tasting location. Do yourself a favor and try it out. You know the old saying "things always tasted better during the good times", well they still taste good one those good times have long since passed.

They now offer Gluten Free pizza for those that require it!

Mario's Pizza in Syosset gets 6 out of 8 slices.

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