Manhattan Joe’s Pizza Boca Raton – Second Try

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Manhattan Joe’s Pizza Boca Raton – Second Try

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Many times I eat at a pizza place and although the slice tasted decent, it didn't stand out in my mind. But since I am not a hardhead, I tend to listen to others when they recommend good pizza to me. There was a pizza place several buddies recommended to me on the Boca Raton/Delray Beach border in the Polo Shops called Manhattan Joe's. I had eaten at Manhattan Joe's Pizza when it first opened and I wasn't blown away. You can read the review here.  I decided to try their pizza again since the people telling me were so passionate about it. (Yes you Jay & Adam)

This is one of the times I can admit I was wrong about a pizzeria. Although I cannot be sure that they listened to my previous advice, something seemed changed and I was quite happy that I gave Manhattan Joe's a second try. This pizza was extremely good this time around.


This Sunday visit I discovered that Manhattan Joe's made Sicilian Pizza. We instantly ordered a pie and honestly I kind of thought I would just get a mediocre attempt to replicate decent pizza. When the pizza arrived at the table it looked pretty mediocre, in fact as you can tell there wasn't much cheese applied and quite a bit of it was sliding off. I took my first bite with a disappointed look on my face, but my oh my was I surprised with what I tasted. This pizza was nothing like the average pizza I previously had tasted at Manhattan Joe's, this pizza was delicious. Like no kidding!

Thinking that maybe I was just hungry and that my empty stomach made the slice I bit into taste better, I waited a second and went in for another messy bite. Yup, it was equally as tasty as the last bite. The sauce was smooth and had a sort of fruitful taste, the cheese although applied lightly was extremely tasty and the crust was made to perfection. I realized they used one slice of mozzarella cheese for each slice basically, instead of shredded, and it made for an almost perfect recipe.

If you haven't gone to Manhattan Joe's Pizza in the Polo Shops, I highly recommend that you give it a try. I go back almost every other Sunday for lunch with a friend of mine who also insists we eat there. We have had the regular pies, the Sicilian pie, the Sicilian with meatballs and another time with extra cheese and each time I have been quite happy. If this pizza tasted good every now and again I would think it was a fluke, or a different pizza guy making the pie, but this pizza has consecutively tasted superb since I was willing to give it a second try.

Manhattan Joe's Pizza on the Delray Beach/Boca Raton border gets 7 out of 8 slices.


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