Mama Mary’s Pizza Crust

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Mama Mary’s Pizza Crust

Posted By: Mad Greek
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Mama Mary's needs Holy Mary. This supermarket pizza crust couldn't help itself if it had the finest stone round wheat found in the universe.

In my opinion, these 3/16" alleged ultra thin crusty crusts taste more like docked matzoh shells than pizza dough.

Try as you may to make a good pizza from this sham, but once again, in MY opinion you'll do nothing of the sort.

The 3 slice picture is merely a gesture of good will to give this a 3 of 8 slices for campfire settings and drunken orgy party hors d'oeuvres.

I tried to dress up this so called crust with some fresh mozzarella and hot sopressata dry sausage. The sauce was fresh Sunday gravy with fresh garlic. The rub was an extra garlic virgin olive oil.

10 minutes and 450 degrees later, this major disappointment did nothing but make me want to use the remaining crust to play frisbee with the neighbor's dog.

Bottom line... Save your hard earned sheckles (appox. $5.00 for two crusts) and buy a pack of condoms, you'll have more fun.

Mama Mary's Pizza Crust even once again, in my humble opinion gets 1 out of 8 slices


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