Mama Lombardi’s Pizza Islip Macarthur Airport

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Mama Lombardi’s Pizza Islip Macarthur Airport

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We prefer to fly out of Long Island Macarthur Airport since it is much easier to navigate through compared to LaGuardia and JFK. Plus Southwest flies there and they are usually much better then Crappy airlines like Spirit Airlines. Worstpizza certainly does not recommend Spirit Air. Actually maybe I should start to discuss my awful experiences with them. It becomes quite evident after flying with Spirit why they offer $9 fares. I would rather spend more and fly Southwest. This has nothing to do with pizza so I will stop there.
Macarthur airport even has a full service pizza place there called Mama Lombardi's!! Yes no terrible sbarro's at this airport. They have true pizza that tastes like actual pizza. I ordered a regular slice to eat, but you can find an amazing variety of different kinds of pizza here, with numerous toppings to choose from.
My slice tasted better than any airport pizza I ever ate. Sure it was $3.39 a slice, but given the fact that they could charge over $4 like some of their shitty competitors would, it seemed like a decent price to charge for the quality of pie they are producing, at the rent they are paying.
The slice was thrown into the pizza oven and soon after I paid, it came out.  If it weren't for the airplanes outside, I would have no idea I was eating airport pizza.  The crust was crisp and tasty.  The cheese was of a top quality, and the sauce was sweet and applied pretty evenly.  I would have even gotten a second slice, if they hadn't started boarding our plane!
Mama Lombardi's Pizza gets 5 out of 8 slices.

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  • 100 Arrivals Avenue, Ronkonkoma, NY 11779