Mama Angelina’s Pizza Best Pizza Hauppauge Long Island

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Mama Angelina’s Pizza Best Pizza Hauppauge Long Island

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img_0635My sister suggested that I try this place out since they were known for their upside down Sicilian, as you all know by now, it is my favorite kind of pizza.  Mama Angelina's Pizza is located on 1251 Veterans Memorial Hwy in Hauppauge.  631-360-1463.

I will start off the article mentioning this is probably the best slice of pizza I have had in Hauppague.  Especially since they are one of the few who have upside down Sicilian.

I was actually torn to choose between the upside down or the regular Sicilian slice, since they both looked pretty damn good.  Ultimately I went with the upside down.  While waiting I had a chat with the owner who told me about his ingredients.  This guy genuinely cares about the pizza he puts out and stays involved daily to make sure none of the employees skimp on the care that is needed in each pizza they serve.

While I was waiting I also had a garlic knot which was absolutely delicious (make sure to try them).  When the pizza came out and I took my first bite, I was amazed with the taste and the smell.  It was a remarkable first bite.  The cheese and dough almost melted in my mouth in a similar fashion that Spumoni Gardens or Rosa's Pizza does.  If the taste of the sauce was a little sweeter this could have received a perfect slice.  The only issue I had with the slice was that the crust was a big flimsy on the bottom.  After reheating it as long as they did, the bottom should have been more well done then it was and held up better.

This didn't really matter since I enjoyed the slice.  Next time I am around the area I will make sure to try some of the Italian Dishes as well, since what I saw them serving looked really good too.

Mama Angelina's Pizza in Hauppauge gets 6 out of 8 slices!  Nicely done guys!

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