Maco’s Pizza & Pasta Dadeland Station South Miami

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Maco’s Pizza & Pasta Dadeland Station South Miami

Posted By: Alina
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I decided to bring a group (you can read their reviews below) to rate Maco’s Pizza & Pasta in Dadeland Station. I didn’t want my opinion to be your only deciding factor to visit this hidden pizzeria.

For this visit we had two large pizzas, one margarita and one “Delight” (mushrooms). I found the pizzas to be “light”, perfectly cooked, and not greasy (I DIDN’T have to allocate a percentage of my napkins to whipping the grease off). The crust was even, a light tone and not soggy. The sauce has a sweet opening and ends with a light spicy kick. Overall, I don’t feel guilty or sick after.

If you are in South Miami or near Dadeland station and need to grab a bite, I highly recommend Maco’s Pizza & Pasta.

Lunch Special: $4.99 for 2 slices of pizza and a soda.

Alina B.



Maco’s Pizza is a hidden gem in Dadeland North, on a recent visit to I was pleasantly surprised to find home-made quality on the ground floor of luxury apartment building. As you can imagine my expectations weren’t especially high, thinking I’d get chain-restaurant quality, what I was served was decidedly superior in taste, texture and overall quality.

Starting with the garlic rolls, they have an interesting way of using melted butter and garlic as opposed to the usual olive oil. At first I was surprised with this presentation but as I consumed each one I could see why they’re prepared this way. Deeeeee-licious.

The pizza wasn’t the re-invention of the wheel, let’s face it there are few variations you can come up with for bread dough, tomato sauce, and cheese. Where Maco’s makes their distinction is in the dough and their sauce. The dough is thin yet as it tapers towards the crust it does become chewier but not heavy or too doughy. On the contrary, I found it satisfying without being heavy.

Their sauce was a basic marinara but the freshness and seasoning suggested that it was not from a can but made that day on premises. I say that day since I did go on a Wednesday and if the sauce had been made days prior to my visit it would have been apparent. Instead the taste has an earthy, tomatoe-y goodness with a sweet finish and as the old cliché goes, reminded me of “New York style” pizza sauce. I’ll definitely being returning, I’m looking forward to visiting Maco’s in the future to try their pasta dishes.

The service was excellent, very attentive, and friendly. They made you feel as if you were having dinner at their home.

John C.



I had the margarita pizza. Although the crust was a bit doughy and the pizza not cooked enough to my liking, the sauce and cheese portions were generous and the sauce was well seasoned.

I also had the Caesar salad and was pleasantly surprised as this was the first pizza place in a long time where I did not find them to be heavy handed with the dressing.

Would return again

Leah S.


Crust: A little bready, but very good flavor. A little underdone.

Sauce: Good flavor, good amount

Cheese: Good flavor, good amount. I personally like my cheese a little brown on top; this was hot and melted, but not yet brown.

Overall: Overall, it was good pizza. Toppings were generous without being overpowering and were well-distributed. I think the whole pie could have used a few more minutes in the over, since both the crust and cheese seemed slightly undercooked. I’d go back and try again.

Wendy L.

We all agree, Maco's Pizza in South Miami gets 6 out of 8 slices

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