Luce Italian Restaurant Pizza Hollywood Florida

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Luce Italian Restaurant Pizza Hollywood Florida

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Pizza reviewing is way more fun than I thought! I'm a big pizza geek. I make it at home a lot and love playing with combinations, ingredients, crusts, etc. Thanks for letting me share my thoughts! Worstpizza rules.

In the spirit of journalistic full disclosure, I will be upfront. My family frequents Luce Italian Restaurant in downtown Hollywood a lot. It's about a three-minute drive from my house, has a Greek salad that my mom can't resist and the prices are decent. It's the place where we go when we don't feel like collectively deciding on a restaurant, our "go-to," and it usually delivers.

Tonight's pizza experience at Luce made memories of my first visit there seem foggy and distant. To put it simply: Luce's pizza isn't what it used to be.  For the sake of a balanced review, we strayed away from a plethora of toppings and opted for the simple Margherita, medium, $16.

The crust is still there with the standard "well-done" brick-oven treatment but with no real flavor otherwise. What I remember being the perfect sweet tomato marinara sauce was now a watered-down version with absolutely no seasoning whatsoever. The other ingredients were right on par. Big, red (not orange) tomato slices and mild buffalo mozzarella were topped with fresh basil after the pie came out of the oven. There was still one HUGE problem. The pizza was nowhere near bubbling, steaming, string-cheese-yielding, burn-the-roof-of-your-mouth hot. Eating the cheese involved pulling the chewy, not-fully-melted globs of mozzarella off of the slice entirely. Between the cheese failure and the sad, sad sauce, the Luce pizza I remember is long gone. It would gain a slice of two on the rating had the temperature actually felt that it had just been in a scorching brick oven. Maybe we should have just ordered one with toppings. Other places in Hollywood do pizza much better. Luce Italian Restaurant gets 4 out of 8 slices.

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