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Lo Zingaro’s Pizza Toronto

Posted By: Dave G
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We welcome our latest reviewer Dave to our lineup. Dave had some amazing pizza the other night up in Toronoto and decided to write in.

I feel that Lo Zingaro's Pizza located in Toronto deserves this review after having an amazing time along with absolutely the best pizza in Toronto!. I was looking online with my girlfriend for some new pizza places to try out, and that’s when we came to this new Queen Street pizza place located very close to us. So we decided , ah what the heck , we like to try new places!

When we got to Lo Zingaro's  we were greeted by the friendliest waitress ever. Seriously,  I don’t think she could have been kinder to us, and once seated, she made sure we had everything possible! I had the dairy free pizza Boschetto.... this pizza was topped off with delicious mix sautéed mushrooms , homemade rosemary & black pepper pancetta and caramelized onion. For all the fellow Toronto pizza lovers out there, Id just like to say if you have tried it yet , definitely go to Lo Zingaro's for a fantastic pizza. Probably the best gta (Greater Toronto Area) pizza I have had in a long time!

The menu here has something for everyone. Every pie the serve is fresh from the oven and immediately brought out to the table. Te tomara is one of the specialty pizzas here. It's made with boiled potatoes and tuna.

Although I only had this Boschetto pizza, the other pizzas that were being served at the tables around us looked spectacular. Especially the Margherita  Lo Zingaro's also has a huge selection of dairy free pizza's, which is nice to see. Many places forget that there are people out there who love pizza but cannot handle the dairy!

Lo Zingaro's Pizza in Toronto gets 7 out of 8 slices.

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  • 571 Queen St W Toronto, ON M5V 2B6, Canada