Little Italy Pizza Lake Worth

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Little Italy Pizza Lake Worth

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littleitaly.jpgAs we were driving to Dom & Louie's pizza in Lake Worth, I noticed a place on the corner of 45th Ave and Hypoluxo Road.  We walked inside Little Italy Pizza and felt like we stepped back into a 1970 filming of Columbo.  This place hasn't been updated in years!  Little Italy Pizza is located on 4595 Hypoluxo Road in Lake Worth 561.434.1000.  It is in a pretty run down strip mall on the North West side of the intersection.

One  of the positive things that Little Italy had going for itself, were their prices.  This pretty large slice of pizza cost me $1.75

That is something you don't find too often around Florida.  It is pretty excessive to charge the prices that many South Florida pizza places charge anyways nowadays.  After trying dozens of pizza places during my recent trip to NYC, where things naturally are more expensive, due to rent, I found it hard to swallow that many of these places have cheaper slices and pizzas compared to the ones in Florida.  Yup, in Florida where the rents are cheaper, and deliveries are easier to get, they somehow find the need to charge exorbitant amounts for their slices.  $2.50 + at normal places, and upwards to $4 at others.  This will be an entirely separate article coming, and I will save my rant until then.

The pizza at Little Italy was by no means great.  But it was better then some of the other places around town that charge substantially higher prices, and provide equal tasting pizza. The crust was ultimately the best part of this pizza.  The sauce wasn't really a sauce I enjoy, as it wasn't sweet.  It was more a bland tomato type of taste, with very little seasoning.  The cheese didn't have that quality look or feel to it.  But then again, they are not charging and giving you the impression they are using a cheese like Grande.

Although I didn't find this to be a great slice of pizza, I would go back and give Little Italy the business, since they do not charge excessively for average style pizza.  Many places could learn from their pricing structure.

Little Italy Pizza in Lake Worth gets 3 out of 8 slices.

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