Lenny’s Pizza Jamesport, Long Island Best Pizza

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Lenny’s Pizza Jamesport, Long Island Best Pizza

Posted By: Mad Greek
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Approximately 90 miles from Port Richmond - Staten Island, and the great Denino's Pizza (one of the best pizza I have ever tried) is the tucked away gem of a pizzeria in Jamesport - Long Island named Lenny's. Lenny's Pizza makes traveling out to Jamesport on the North Fork of Long Island worth it.

Here you will find another classic New York pizza chef named Jimmy who clearly understands how to make a thin crust New York style neopolitan pie. Lenny's Pizza has a secret sauce that is sweet and spicy topped with a blended low fat and grande cheese that blows away the competition east of Wading River / Shirley and likely all of the North and South Fork territories.Its important to note that there are other places to grab a fine artesian pie in the Eastern portion of Long Island. But here, as is many the case, Lenny's Pizza falls under the classification of New York style parlor pizza.

Lenny's signature pizza pie is the Grandma pie. I decided to have one of each their Grandma and their Regular slice.. Neither disappointed with the Neapolitan taking a 6 out of 8 slice ranking, and the Grandma taking a 7 of 8 slice ranking. In fact, to get a better Grandma slice you'd have to go 75 miles in the opposite direction to get to Rosa's in Maspeth.

Jimmy is a master at his craft and has balanced Lenny's secret ingredients to make every bite play like a symphony of flavor.

Many places have oily pizza as a result of overloading cheese to compensate for other shortcomings. Not here. There was hardly a drop of oil left on the plate and none rising up off the Neapolitan pie that had just emerged from the oven.

So the next time you head out to Long Island's wine country, stop at any of the fine wineries out on the north fork, grab "a bottle of red, a bottle of white... it all depends upon your appetite... I'll meet you any time you want... in {Lenny's} Italian Restaurant."

Lenny's Pizza in Jamesport Long Island gets 7 out of 8 slices for their Grandma and 6 out of 8 slices for their regular slice.

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