La Piazzetta Pizza Plainview, NY

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La Piazzetta Pizza Plainview, NY

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While growing up in Plainview/Syosset, my go to place was located near my house. It went through several name changes over the years. Luigi's, Sal's, Tony D's and probably a couple of others I cannot recall. Each one was great and Tony D's had extraordinary Garlic Knots. Rumor has it Tony might have relocated to Florida and opened a place, but I have yet to find him.

My son went up to a wrestling school in Syosset and during his break I drove by the old neighborhood and noticed that the shopping center had changed and there was a new pizzeria located there. We pulled in immediately so I could try it out.

la_piazetta_pizza.jpgThe new pizza place located in this Plainview shopping center, although many might think it is Syosset, was called La Piazzetta Pizza. Upon entering this newly built store, absolutely nothing looked the same as the way it used to. The counter was located in a different place, there even were seats in the back to dine in! Certainly not how Luigi's had it all those years ago. There wasn't even a place for the video games that we all used to go there to play.

We ordered a regular slice and a Sicilian slice. I tried the Sicilian slice first and I was quite impressed. Out of all the pizza shops that resided in this location, this one that La Piazetta made was my favorite. The crust was done almost perfectly, the cheese was generously applied over a splattered sweet and smooth sauce. Personally, I could have done without all the oregano, but it wasn't anything that made me dislike this slice.

The regular slice was good, but I preferred the Sicilian slice better in my opinion. There just wasn't anything that stood out about this regular slice. It tasted very good, and the cheese tasted great, plus it had a proper sauce:cheese ratio, but just combined it didn't blow me away. But don't get me wrong, I am critiquing this slice quite hard since it is my childhood location and nothing will be as good as the way it used to be when it comes to a regular slice. I would still go back and eat this slice again.

La Piazetta in Plainview gets 6 out of 8 slices.

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