La Margherita Pizza Medford Long Island

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La Margherita Pizza Medford Long Island

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La margeritaHad an old friend come and pick me up for lunch, to take me to a pizza place he thought was the best around the area.  La Margherita Pizza in Medford is located kind of in a fork in the road.  Very odd location for this place, but it seemed to be doing a good business.  I ordered only one slice to give it a try.

La Margherita Pizza is located on 1229 Station Road in Medford 631-924-0048.  Sorry John but this place was certainly not one of the better slices I have had.  I found the sauce a bit nasty actually.  The cheese was good but the crust was soggy.  There was too much sauce on this slice.  And the sauce was not smooth or sweet.  Didn't really like it enough to get a second slice.

The crust was nice tasting and because of this I will not totally blast this establishment.  They could have done better.  Guess John will not be picking the places in the future.  Way too many others around the area that probably taste much better that we missed due to this place.  I am still kind of curious how La Margherita could make the outrageous claim that they are the "The Original Brick Oven Pizza" place?  Wasn't Lombari's the original?  Guess the food channel and every other history book on pizza has their information wrong, and Lombardi's wasn't the first pizza place in New York.  Someone should tell them that La Margherita in Medford Long Island beat Lombardi to it.

What is with all these pizza places having incredibly crappy websites?  I am here to redesign any site people email me about.  You all need it!

La Margherita in Medford gets 3 out of 8 slices.

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