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La Luna Pizza Boca Raton

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LALUNA.JPGlunapizza.jpgToby suggested we go to lunch at La Luna in Boca Raton the other day.  I have never been to this pizza place, which is located on 5030 Champion Blvd in Boca Raton, 561.997.1165.  They seem to advertise quite a bit in the local pennysavers, but I never thought to go and try it since it just seemed like the type of place that caters to more of the early bird crowd.

I checked out their website and had high hopes, since like every other place in Boca Raton, they claim to be the "Ultimate Italian Restaurant in South Florida."  I should make a restaurant just saying I am the Worst Italian Restaurant, just so people will be shocked how good it was.

When we got into the place, I realized that it actually looked reminiscent of a place that would serve early bird meals to the local demographic.  We waited a while to be seated even though the place was empty.  Eventually someone who was obviously not Italian sat us.  Not one of the staff members even appeared to be Italian, which just kinda seems odd for an Italian Restaurant.  Oh well, I guess if Gary from Gary Woo can own a Chinese place, anyone can own anything.

Anyways....we ordered individual pizza's and waited for them to come, while noshing on some decent Mozzarella Sticks.  After what seemed to be quite a long time for a pizza to get made, we were served our pizza. They brought out my first pie wrong, and I waited once again for the new one to come out. As you can see by the photos, half the pizza seemed more cooked then the other.  Some of the cheese was almost burnt, while the other half remained a little undercooked.  I bit into my individual pie, and couldn't believe that the sauce was so terrible.  I ended up having to lift up the cheese (which was surprisingly good) to wipe up all the sauce.

What I found pretty odd was how good the crust was here.  Based upon how this pizza tasted as a whole, I would have never thought that the crust alone would taste so good.  I looked over to Toby and commented how good it tasted, and he couldn't help but agree.  Not sure what they put in it, since I couldn't really separate the taste, but if one good thing needs to be said about this place, it is that the crust is actually good.

Personally I would never go back to this place for pizza.  It just doesn't constitute another try.  Maybe pasta for me if I am ever there again.

La Luna gets 3 out of 8 slices

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