La Centrale Pizza Brickell City Center Miami

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La Centrale Pizza Brickell City Center Miami

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La Centrale Pizza Brickell City Center Miami was not a place I ventured out to try. We had some friends that came down to visit and we took the new Brightline Train to see what it was like. Since this isn’t I won’t get too much into the experience but let’s just say, it is extremely expensive to do it first class, and I wouldn’t advise the upgrade.

Once we got off the Brightline in Miami we walked a bit through quite a downtrodden area and decided to get an Uber and go to Brickell City Center since my wife enjoyed it the last time she went there. By the time we arrived, we were all hungry. We went to the La Centrale food hall. La Centrale is comprised of 14 different Italian eateries and cafes. It spans three levels and you can choose from grab-and-go food counters to casual dining to markets to upscale sit-down restaurants. Think of it as an Italian Food Hall. Since I noticed they had a pizzeria, I naturally gravitated towards that counter.

I ordered the Margherita pie without basil and began my wait. Although La Centrale Pizza was busy this day, I still found room to watch the pizziola make my pie. He treated it like it was the only pizza he was making that day. I was impressed with his patience and care with each pie he placed into the wood fired oven. When my pie came out I took it to the table to meet my friends. Upon opening the pie, I noticed some of the cheese hadn’t cooked through but the crust was sort of well done. This is usually a sign the ovens aren’t even, but most pizza makers will rotate the pie (as this one did) to avoid this from happening. It was weird that it still came out uneven.


La Centrale Pizza Brickell City Center Miami

La Centrale Pizza

My first bite revealed a delicious pie with fresh and quality ingredients. The cheese was a bit too thick for my tastes, but it tasted good on top of the sweet sauce. My absolute favorite part of the pizza at La Centrale Pizza in Brickell City Center was the crust. This crust tasted outrageous. It had a hint of char, and a taste of a smoked piece of dough.

La Centrale in Miami is definitely a place I would frequent again. It might even be good enough for me to return sooner than later. This time I will not take the Brightline though!

La Centrale Pizza in Brickell City Center Miami gets 6 out of 8 slices.

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