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Kitchenetta Best Pizza Florida

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Kitchenetta Pizza

If you haven't been to Kitchenetta in Fort Lauderdale, you are missing the best pizza I might have ever had in South Florida. Kitchenetta is located on 2850 N. Federal Hwy in Fort Lauderdale. Years ago, my wife and I were driving through Fort Lauderdale, and we noticed this place on the east side of Federal Highway that looked kind of cute. Each time we passed it, we said 'oh, we should try that one day". That expression must have been used about 6-7 times before we stopped in one day to actually try it.

Once we finally did stop in to try it, I couldn't believe how I ever did without it. The pizza was nothing less than incredible. That is right...the expert who looks for flaws thought this Italian Restaurant in Florida made some of the best pizza he has ever had. Even though kitchenetta, was extremely overpriced for many other things, including $3.00 for a can of soda. That is right, you heard me, they actually have the audacity to charge $3.00 for a can. A can that probably costs $0.25. Management should really do something about this!

Anyways, until I create, we will just focus on the pizza. And what a great topic to focus on here. Let's start with the oven. Look at this beauty of an oven Kitchenetta has installed. It is a Brick oven that burns White Oak. This is almost identical to the ones you would find in Naples, Italy. No gases used.


The owner of the place explained to me that they only use Caputo Flour 00 for the dough, which adds to its amazing taste. You cannot help but bite into this dough and taste the quality. The Whole Milk Mozzarella cheese is home made daily which adds to the fresh taste. For their sauce they only use San Marzano tomatoes. Without even having the conversation with the owner, I could have basically guessed that they were using such fine, expensive ingredients in their pizza.

Before you are served the pizza, they give you this delightful pizza bread to snack on. Make sure you try this when you are there. Do not pass it up.


The pizza to the right is their Lobster pizza, which Greg had, and didn't really care for. He thought it was way too salty and that the lobster was tiny for the $18.00 price he was charged. But since I didn't try it, nor would I ever try pizza with lobster, I cannot really say if he is right or wrong. He did however, agree on the regular pie I had, so maybe his tastebuds were accurate about his pizza too. I cannot say I was pleased with parts of the crust being overally charred, but it didn't make a difference to the taste.

It has been without fail, that the dozens of friends I have recommended to this place, have quickly decided that it was their favorite. I won't even get into how awesome their regular Italian Dishes are as well.

This could be the first perfect slice rating I have given to any place so far in South Florida. Kitchenetta gets 8 out of 8 slices, which equals perfection. Just remember, when it comes to their beverage pricing, this place is far from perfection. If the pizza wasn't so amazing, I could never justify going back.

And guys......what the heck is up with your website! You need to have me redesign it!!

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