Junior’s Pizza Boynton Beach, FL

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Junior’s Pizza Boynton Beach, FL

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Went to Junior's Pizza in Boynton Beach the other night to try out what some have written in and described as some of the best pizza in Boynton Beach. There isn't a ton of competition in Boynton Beach when it comes to good pizza, so it was believable that a place could be crowned the best. Our friends also told us that Junior's Pizza was the best they had in Boynton Beach after they heard we were going as well, so I really thought I was about to embark on a rather excellent pizza journey.

Even though I had driven up this part of Congress in Boynton Beach dozens of times, I never even noticed Junior's Pizza in the background. Meanwhile it is right there in the shopping center behind Doc's Burgers. I must have had my blinders on previously. We walked into a very understated Junior's Pizza and found a seat in the area to the left of the place where the booths were. We didn't know whether to order at the counter or just seat ourselves, so we sat down and hoped someone would notice us, or ideally, they would just let me order from the counter and bring it back to the table myself.

Since none out of the four of us could agree to the same style pizza, we all got our own slices instead of a pie at Junior's Pizza. Here is what I found weird. When my plain slice arrived, it had a portion of it as a white pizza. I am not sure how they could have screwed this up, but maybe they made a half plain and half white to display on the counter and the pizza cutter never took geometry and couldn't cut it correctly? But the photo doesn't lie, this slice of mine had white pizza all along the edges and on the top area. I ended up having to cut a good portion of the slice off, since I dislike white pizza. Luckily enough, the slice was so big, that I didn't really notice the lack of the balance I cut off.

The slice was crispy which was nice, and had a decent enough texture to the crust. They applied the sauce lightly, which was a plus since that was my least favorite part of the slice. The cheese taste fresh and was a decent quality. All together it made for a good slice, but certainly not something I would qualify as the best. I will have to taste the rest of the pizza around the Boynton Beach are before I could make that call. As you can see, my second slice also had some toppings on it that I didn't order. I wonder what was wrong with the pizza maker this day.

Also I think it is funny that uses the same pizza image as Why not just use one of your own photos?

Junior's Pizza in Boynton Beach gets 4 out of 8 slice. If I was in the area again and they got a new pizza cutter guy, I would try it again.

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