Josie’s Ristorante Pizza Boynton Beach, FL

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Josie’s Ristorante Pizza Boynton Beach, FL

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Met my wife for some lunch the other day in Boynton Beach, FL and after finally deciding on Wendy's, we quickly left since it appeared the air conditioning was broke. In the same plaza was another eatery named Josie's Italian Restaurant so we decided to go try it out. Both of us weren't sure if we had sampled the food here prior, but I have a feeling we did many many years ago.

Josie's Restaurant in Boynton Beach wasn't anything fancy inside. It seems like the place you would find in old Florida, but it appeared cleaner. Even though they had a buffet going on during lunch time, for some reason this place only had one other couple eating there. Hope this wasn't a bad sign of things to come.

Why contemplating whether or not we should get the buffet or regular lunch specials, I noticed they had an amazing pizza lunch deal at only $3.99 for two slices and a soda. Even bad pizza is decent at this price. Ultimately I chose to have some pasta, which is something I rarely do when there is pizza in the house, but the pizza on the buffet seemed old and somewhat stale. If I wanted buffet pizza I would go to CiCi's (NOT).

My wife came back with a slice of pizza on her plate from the buffet and I took a taste of it. Although the slice was completely soggy it tasted somewhat ok. The sauce was a tad sweet but contained chunks of tomatos, which is something I really do not like in a slice. The crust was tasty even considering how long it had been probably sitting out, and the cheese was just average in my personal opinion. I am sure many readers are upset that I am judging the pizza that was sitting out there on a lunch buffet, but if there is a chance to try pizza I try it and rate it. Not my fault they weren't busy on this particular day.

Anyways, Josie's Pizza is a place I would probably like to go back to, and at least try the pizza right out of the oven.

Josie's Pizza in Boynton Beach gets 4 out of 8 slices.

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