Jon’s Place For Kosher Pizza In Boca Raton

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Jon’s Place For Kosher Pizza In Boca Raton

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We were driving around Boca Raton on Thanksgiving trying to find a place to eat lunch.  In actuality we were actually just getting out of the house so we wouldn't be asked to contribute any assistance to the Thanksgiving meal.  But while we ducked out we kind of got hungry.  The four of us, father in law, brother in law, my son, and I decided we should find a pizza place that was open, even if we had to waste hours in doing so.  After driving around aimlessly it dawned on me.....The Kosher Pizza Place would probably be opened.

Jon's Place is tucked away in Boca Raton near the Olive Garden and Kosher Marketplace.  It had been like 5 years since I last ate at this establishment.  I think the last time I went there was on Christmas, for the obvious reason of them being the only place open once again.  Jon's serves to the Kosher community around it.  For thos of you who haven't had Kosher Pizza before, it is a bit different.  You see... where regular pizza has dough, sauce and cheese, Kosher Pizza has dough, sauce, cheese and a rabbinical blessing.

I ordered a slice cause it occurred to me that I didn't really like the taste last time.  When I bit into it, my previous occurrence was accurate.  The pizza really just didn't do it for me.  If I was someone who led a Kosher life, and didn't know other pizza, maybe this would be considered decent...I don't know.  It was very bland and the sauce was kind of rough to swallow.  Everyone else in the place seemed to really enjoy it other then us, so it is hard to knock the place since I am not a member of the orthodox community.  Perhaps they are using what is considered the best ingredients that they have access to, which I doubt in my opinion.

In my opinion Jon's Place gets 2 out of 8 slices.  I would love to have someone who only eats Kosher Pizza to message me and compare this to other pizza slices they have had.

PS what a funny sign to have on their counter.

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