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Jonathan’s Corner Pizza Boca Raton, FL

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I kept getting requests to review a new pizza place that opened many months ago in Boca Raton named Jonathan's Corner. It replaced the former La Pizza (which was good), which sold to some other guy who closed after what seems to be only a couple of weeks in this dead corner of a shopping center near Mizner Park. Sometimes I wonder why business owners choose to open up pizza places, where others have failed. Speranza, Amato's, Big Louie's, and some others I am probably forgetting have all tried to open pizza places in this corridor of Boca Raton, and have been unsuccessful. Why bother opening yet another.

Jimbo and I decided to meet at Jonathan's Corner to try some pizza, which was difficult, since Tucci's Pizza is in walking distance. I always know I will get some of the best pizza in Boca Raton there, but I knew I had to venture out a little bit to try Jonathan's Corner (before/if they closed like the others).

After passing this sign outside the door to Jonathan's Corner (yes they really actually put a sign like this on top of the garbage pail) , I knew I had to try the pizza, since you couldn't put a chalkboard outside your restaurant claiming to have the Best Pizza in Town, unless you really had it. Isn't it amazing that the best pizza places in town never put up signs like this? Usually the best pizza places in a town have the actual reviews hanging to prove this, and don't have to say a word.

Anyways, upon walking in, it become evident that the A/C was broken, so it was hot and uncomfortable in Jonathan's Corner on this particular day. I cannot hold that against the place, but I thought about leaving to go somewhere else, since it was about 94 degrees outside. I couldn't tell if Jonathan's Corner pizza joint was a sit down service kind of place, or a order at the counter type of place. The counter reminded me of a Long Island Pizza place where you pick your slice behind the glass, pay and wait for your slices to come out. This wasn't the case at Jonathan's Corner, since I was told to sit immediately upon saying I was going to stay with the food. Jim eventually arrived and we asked the guy who seems to run the place (who was way too New Yorkish, and tries to excessively make it known) if he would recommend anything. The guy (who said he was Jonathan, even though I heard someone call him a different name) replied with "everything here is the best, it's homemade." Usually, just like when a place has the best pizza as we stated above, when a place knows it has one fantastic item, they mention it, and become famous for it. Places who actually do not have the best everything try to compensate for average at best food, and never perfect or get known for anything, ultimately closing. It is pompous to say everything.

The crust was cooked properly and held up nicely. It didn't have much of a taste to it though.The cheese was good, but the sauce was certainly not to my liking. It was bland and severely lacking of salt and sugar in a "we will save money on the sauce" type of way.

The Parm cheese in the shaker tasted like Cici's Pizza.

Jonathan's Corner does have some decent specials during the week, so it might be a good place for families to descend upon during the week. I think on Tuesday's they have $6 plain pies.

Jonathan's Corner in Boca Raton gets 4 out of 8 slices for this visit, and that is me being a bit generous since I would hate to see another place close down in this location.

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