Johnny V’s Pizza in Tradition Port St. Lucie

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Johnny V’s Pizza in Tradition Port St. Lucie

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The other day on the way to Orlando, my family started to complain they were hungry.  Since my advising everyone to eat before we left was obviously ignored.  Getting stuck in traffic made these hunger pains of theirs amplified, and I figured it was time to stop and eat.  We got off the exit in Port St. Lucie, by the new Tradition 1/4 completed community.

After finding the town square, we parked and looked around at the restaurants.  Once I saw there was a pizza place, it was pretty evident where we would be eating.

Johnny V's Pizza is located in a cute brick facade building.  The actual address is 10472 SW Village Center Dr (772) 345-0500.  When you walk into the restaurant most of the seats are high top bar stools, and I liked how the ovens were in the center of the restaurant as if on display.  They use an open oven, with no doors to cook the pizza.  We ordered a small pie, and some garlic knots.  The garlic knots never came???

When the pizza arrive it looked edible enough, and when I bit into it, it wasn't too bad.  They proudly displayed the Grande cheese sign, so at least they used quality cheese.  The sauce was applied very conservatively, almost none actually.  The dough had somewhat of a taste to it, but otherwise kind of tasted like water.  It would have tasted better if they cooked it for the proper amount of time.

I think Johnny V's could benefit from a better quality flour.  Since they use so much of it on the slide before putting it into the oven, it gets all over your fingers as you eat it, and becomes a huge part of the taste.  Either use less flour guys, or better tasting!  Try caputo pizza flour if you really want to use quality.

Seems like due to a festival they were having, Johnny V's was extra busy, and didn't know how to handle it.  Maybe if I am ever in the area, they will take more time and serve me pizza cooked properly.

I will give Johnny V's Pizza 4 out of 8 slices.  S

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