Joey’s Pizza Wynwood Miami

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Joey’s Pizza Wynwood Miami

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joeys-150x150Thanks to ER Gagit from for the great review! The Gagits are joined by the Marcbeths to visit the best inexpensive Italian restaurant in Miami and also one of the entrants in Pizza Crawl, We take Marc's pickup truck to the Wynwood area since it is not the best area at night but they do have protected parking in this new, cool, hip , spot. We enter Joey's Pizza located on 2506 NW 2nd Ave 305.438.0388 are taken right away to our table amongst the nice cool crowd, with background music playing. Our server Ivan smiling above comes over and takes our drink order a reasonable Malbec from the rather mediocre wine selection.

We have to start with Pizza and order the Diavola, tomato, mozzarella, and spicy salami. The pizza arrives, as shown.  The crust was perfectly thin, crisp and tasty.  The cheese was tasty and spicy. The salami we ordered on the pizza was missing in action as seen with only bits around the edges. The pizza score would be higher if they try using  all the good ingredients ordered like the salami but I guess for $10.00 they cannot do this.

After being completed disappointed by the main dishes we had, as well as the poor acoustics that made screaming the talking level we pass on dessert and coffee and just receive our inexpensive check lol.

Let the Truth be Told. I really was looking forward to this hip, cool, inexpensive restaurant as well as a top pizza experience.  What I really received at Joey’s was a not so hip, not so cool ,not so-so inexpensive restaurant that the press were given the inexpensive facts without having to pay the bill. I would go back for the pizza but for dinner this is only a Michael's want-to-be that should not be.

Joey's Pizza gets 5 out of 8 slices

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