Joe’s Famous Pizza – Boca Raton – Florida

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Joe’s Famous Pizza – Boca Raton – Florida

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I was driving to Nino's Pizza in Boca Raton today for lunch when I passed by Joe's Famous Pizza in Boca Raton on Powerline Road.  I hadn't eaten at Joe's for about 6 months due to my last experience when the french fries I ordered tasted like fish, from obviously never cleaning the deep fryer oil.

I also thought it was a total rip off that they charged me $6.00 for french fries with baked mozzarella cheese on them, when they usually cost $3.50 max at other places.  I also hate the parking, in order to eat there.  Maybe I should start a worstparking website as well.

I ordered 2 slices of pizza today and cannot say I will be frequenting this place too often.  The pizza is bland to describe it best (almost as bland as the atmosphere in there, but that is a different story) in my opinion.  The sauce seemed cheap, almost with no taste, and what I did taste seemed crappy. The cheese was ok, and the crust had almost a boiled taste to it...couldn't figure out why.  I will give Joe's Famous (or not so famous) Pizza of Boca Raton 2 out of 8 slices.

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