Joe Jamz Pizza Hollywood Florida

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Joe Jamz Pizza Hollywood Florida

Posted By: mallory
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joe_jamz.jpgAfter hearing good things about Joe Jamz Pizza in Hollywood from my sister and one of my editors at work, my dad, other sister and I decided to order in and try it out. I should have known from Pizza Expert that this was probably a mistake on our part, seeing as how the pizza definitely changes from sitting in the box for half an hour in the delivery car before it arrived to our door.  It's safe to say that I don't think this pie would have tasted much better fresh in the restaurant either.

The pie arrived on time, 35 minutes just like they said, half-cheese, half-pepperoni. Our expectations were slightly higher because of the good reviews online, but we were disappointed. The entire box was soaked with grease and the doughy crust was too chewy underneath and undercooked. The sauce (and I'm a sauce girl) was way too sweet to the point where that's basically all we could taste. And the grease. Did I mention it was greasy? Like grease-stream-running-down-the-back-of-your-hand greasy? I don't enjoy that and neither did the family. All in all there was nothing memorable about Joe Jamz, not even the garlic rolls that we hoped would redeem the mediocre quality of the pizza, which turned out to be insanely dense and doughy, too hard to chew and again, dripping with grease and oil. 4/8 slices.

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