Jersey Johnny’s Pizza Boynton Beach, FL

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Jersey Johnny’s Pizza Boynton Beach, FL

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Vito's in Boynton Beach recently sold, or closed, I never really got the full story. It was upsetting to me, because Vito's was a great tasting, amazingly fair priced pizza. Recently I received a couple of emails telling me that the new place that opened there named Jersey Johnny's Pizza, was pretty good and that I should try it out. Even the owner sent me an email to alert me that they had a change of ownership, and that I should come try it since "it would be worth my time to try it out". Usually when an owner sends me an email, it must be good, since they realize I am negative at times, and scrutinize everything. It shows tremendous confidence when they choose to invite me in. I was looking forward to some good pizza.

Upon walking into Jersey Johnny's Pizza in Boynton Beach, you can tell that not much had changed from the previous owners. Still a nice open seating area, but I was kind of confused if I should order from the counter, or if i needed a server to hand me my one slice of pizza I wanted to try. Even though she told me "one minute I will be right with you", I still ended up just going to the counter myself to see what they had.

The pizza guys were friendly enough, and at this late hour, they didn't really have too many slice varieties, but it didn't matter since I was only looking for a plain slice anyways. One thing that did peak my interest, was the garlic knots they had. Unfortunately the people who walked in before me, ordered what they had left and I was unable to try them. They did look good though.

Eventually the waitress made here way back to the counter and asked me what I wanted. I ordered a plain slice, and began to wait and read the menu. The server seemed less then enthused to just be getting me one slice, or even just to be there. Didn't get as welcoming as a vibe as I did from the guys behind the counter. After a while of waiting at the counter, I began to worry that she forgot about my slice in the oven, since she also was taking phone orders, and serving the large party who came in before me. Eventually she remembered my slice and took it out of the oven, but by this point it was cooked too long, and just about burnt on the edges. Since I was hungry and didn't feel like waiting around, I just waited for it to cool down a bit and took my first bite.

Jersey Johnny's serves a nice sized slice of pizza, and costs $2.25. The slice held up as I lifted it from the plate, but even after several minutes of cooling, I still burnt my fingers since the slice was still hot from the overcooking it received. My first bite revealed a quality tasting cheese, that if I was a betting man, I would gamble and say it was Grande brand. The crust was tasty, and crisp, and I think would have tasted better if it wasn't so well done in my opinion. At least overcooking the slice, is a great way to get me back in for a second try. The sauce wasn't exactly what I like though. I have no doubt it was made fresh that day, but it had a little bit of a sour/vinegar taste to it, and I prefer a sweeter sauce.

You can also find Gluten Free pizza at Jersey Johnny's, as well as something they call a Panzarotti. I should note that I loved watching the owner sit down and talk with the table who came in before me. He didn't once talk about his food, or business, he just talked with the family about things they were conversing about. He seems like a great guy, and the type of pizza owner who cares about the food he serves.

All-in-all I would say Jersey Johnny's Pizza in Boynton Beach is worth the try. It wasn't the best slice I have personally had in South Florida, but for the area it is located, it could be one of the better slices I have had there. If I could offer one suggestion Johnny.... just let people order their slices and sit. No reason to have a server.

Jersey Johnny's Pizza in Boynton Beach gets 5 out of 8 slices.

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  • 1313 W. Boynton Beach Blvd. Boynton Beach, FL 33426