Jerry’s Pizza Boca Raton Sicilian Slice

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Jerry’s Pizza Boca Raton Sicilian Slice

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Before you read this review, I am well aware that Jerry's Pizza in Boca Raton is a pretty unattractive looking establishment. If ever a pizzeria in Boca Raton could benefit from a facelift, Jerry's is the poster child. In my opinion, I am shocked that some reality show hasn't heard about this place and offered to help. Upon walking in, one might think they haven't updated anything since they opened all those years ago.

Now, with that being said, I am a pizza daredevil and decided to go and check Jerry's out since it had been a couple of years since my last review there. Honestly, I thought Jerry's would have been out of business by now. There are so many other pizza options in Boca Raton, who take pride in their appearance, and offer decent pricing, it seems logical patrons would probably chose those over Jerry's Pizza. Apparently they did this day since I was the only person eating there during lunch time.


As I walked into Jerry's Pizza I made a left and then a quick right and walked up to where a kind of strange looking young man behind the counter with one headphone in his ear stood. In my opinion he was totally unwelcoming and made me feel somewhat weirded out. I ordered two slices. One regular and one Sicilian since I saw it coming out of the oven.


The Sicilian pie here is very small, and it appears they only get 6 slices out of it. Upon seeing it put on the far counter, it reminded me of Augy's Pizza or Grande Pizza style Sicilian slices, which are also similar to Detroit Style pizza. As I waited for it to be cut, and the regular slice to heat up, I gave a good look around just to see if maybe I went into Jerry's thinking it was rundown, and perhaps was a bit biased after hearing so many around town tell me how they wouldn't eat there. After really giving the decor a second chance, it really is just so old, run down and dirty. I noticed several little nats flying around as well which disturbed me (fair to mention, this isn't the only place that I have seen those little bugs flying. Sometimes they come in when the door is opened).


My slices came out and were placed on the counter in front of me. I ordered a cola as well, but couldn't tell what kind of soda they had, since the fountain was completely hidden from sight. I took my slices off the counter and sat down under a thin countertop which proudly displayed they were the best pizza in 1999. Yes 14 years ago they won this distinguished award and still proudly display it. The problem with displaying this artifact of an award, is it makes customers think you haven't made quality pizza to win it again in all these years. But since Jerry's is like a time capsule, it still hangs.


After lifting the heavy Sicilian slice, I noticed that it had a chunky sauce (which regular readers know I dislike). At least it was only dabbed onto the center of the slice and not throughout. Upon even a closer inspection, the bottom of this slice wasn't very crisp and seemed quite doughy. I took my first bite, and I almost couldn't believe what I had tasted. Just to make sure, I slowly placed the slice back down on the plate, took a moment and tried another bite. WOW! It was great. Although chunky, the sauce possessed a nice sweet taste. The outer crust was amazingly crisp and had a great taste to it. I actually liked it enough to order a second Sicilian slice to go, just so I could let my wife and son taste it to make sure that what I tasted was in fact as good as it was.

I included a photo of the regular slice, just so you can see what it looked like. We will review that at another time. Just need to go back again and retaste the regular slice, without being overwhelmed by the good taste of the Sicilian.

So, here you have it. I really didn't want to like Jerry's Pizza at all. It was dark, dirty, with an uninviting staff, and severely in need of some TLC inside the place, but I can't help myself. I really enjoyed this Sicilian slice. My wife and son confirmed that they enjoyed it just as much as I did. Now the issue is, do I go back to get it again in their less than desirable setting, or take one to go. Either way, I have to go back, especially if it continues to taste this good.

Jerry's Pizza in Boca Raton easily gets 6 out of 8 slices for their Sicilian.

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