Isabella’s Pizza Fort Lauderdale

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Isabella’s Pizza Fort Lauderdale

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on the west side of Federal Highway several times, but the plaza always seemed to have a questionable element hanging around there. Since the plaza seemed empty on this day, I figured it was time to go give it a try.

Upon walking into Isabella's Pizza, I was greeted warmly by the staff behind the counter. It was unclear to me if I was forced to wait for a server, or if it was ok to actually get my one slice of pizza by myself. I waited a little bit for the pizza guy to get off the phone, and asked him if I could get a slice. He didn't seem to understand my English, so I waited for someone else to speak with. He informed me that I could get slices here, so I ordered one and waited.

I handed the guy my debit card but he kept pointing to some imaginary sign that wasn't there. He kept saying 10 10 look, 10 10 look. I kept looking, but there was no sign saying anything. It would seem like he was trying to tell me that there was a $10 minimum to use credit or debit cards. Ultimately, there was no sign there, but whatever, I happened to have cash on this day.

When the slice came out it was nice and hot. It was immediately evident that Isabella's puts way too much flour on the bottom of their pies. As I am sure you have noticed by now, the slice of pizza from Isabella's was burnt, well almost burnt, since they didn't properly calibrate their ovens, the food in the oven doesn't cook evenly. Since the slice was so close to being burnt, it was obviously crisp. It had plenty of unpopped bubbles on the top of their sweet sauce, which actually could have ended up being a contender if it wasn't cooked so much. This slice could have been a pretty decent slice, if I was able to taste it on top of all the flour and burnt flavor.

Isabella's Pizza in Fort  Lauderdale gets 4 out of 8 slice.  I will definitely be going back to try it again, and see if I could get a better slice cooked a bit less burnt.



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