Guiseppe’s Sesame Seed Pizza Huntington Station Long Island

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Guiseppe’s Sesame Seed Pizza Huntington Station Long Island

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Guiseppe's Pizza has been an icon in Huntington, back before they had migrant workers waiting on the corners for jobs.  I recall going to Guiseppe's as a teenager and loving the fact that the crust was made with Sesame Seeds.

Well after a 12 year furlough away from Guiseppe's, I decided it was time to go back in and try the pizza again.  The rain was frozen, and the ice was all over the roads, but I had the craving and needed to venture out and check the pizza, if only to see if it was as excellent as I imagined.

The guy behind the counter wasn't the nicest and most friendly of guys, and after a little bit of being on the phone taking an order, he eventually got around to doing me the favor of asking me what I wanted.  I ordered a regular and a Sicilian.  After sitting down for a little bit and waiting I went back up to the counter, which made the pizza guy realize my food was still in the oven.  So obviously once it came out, it was pretty well done.

The Sicilian was much more burnt then the regular slice, but even the regular slice was pretty well done. You would think they would have noticed this themselves, and threw these slices out.  Being the daredevil I am, I decided to chance it and eat these slices.

Guys.....even as burnt as these slices were, they were still delicious.  The sauce is sweet and applied perfectly, the cheese is extremely tasty.  The crust (overly burnt) was still pretty damn good.  The sesame seeds added a nice touch and texture as you bite into these slices.  One think I should point out, is how awkwardly this Sicilian slice was made.  It was totally uneven as you can see by the photo.  Not sure what the heck happened to the lower part of this pie when they cooked it.

You should really try Guiseppe's if you are around the area.  It is probably one of the better slices in all of Huntington.

Most Memorable Things:

  • Sesame Seeded Crust
  • Great Sauce
  • Decently Priced

Least Memorable Things:

  • Burnt Pizza
  • No Smiles
  • Parking
  • Their incredibly AWFUL website (contact me guys, so I can redo it)

Guiseppe's Pizza gets 6 out of 8 slices.

  • make an
    (631) 351-6080

  • 1727 New York Ave, Huntington Station, NY