Groovy’s Pizza South Beach Miami – How Totally Un-Groovy

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Groovy’s Pizza South Beach Miami – How Totally Un-Groovy

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.  Athough quite dirty and abnormally hot inside, I decided to venture inside and try a slice.

The slices displayed are uniquely stacked into kaleidoscope shaped designs.  Although this is cool at first glance, and fits into their groovy style name, it is actually quite gross if you think about it.  There were approximately 30 slices in this kaleidoscope, all of which had to be cold enough when stacked so the cheese didn't stick to the crust of the slice that was placed on top of it.  What this tells me is that the pizza was made really early in the morning and left out all day.  That is right, all day in the sweltering heat and humidty that Miami brings.

Being the adventurous type I ate the slice anyways.  It amazed me that I had to eat the slice outside in the 93 degree heat, instead of inside, so I could cool down a bit from waiting for my slice.  The slice, was a pretty decent size, but was not cooked well enough.  Groovy Pizza puts a lot of cheese on their slices, and I am not complaining, but there was almost zero sauce on the pie, so it tasted like I was eating an uncooked piece of dough with cheese that wasn't baked.

More likely then not, I will will move onto the next place if I am ever in Miami Beach again.  Groovy's Pizza just did not make the cut as far as I am concerned.  It is ok to be in a busy section and cater towards the late night crowd that might come out at 2:00am and not realize they are having a slice of pizza that has been waiting for them to buy it since 9:00am the previous day.  The lunch time crowd demands and deserves better, maybe you should stay closed until the evening.  I will give Groovy's Pizza in South Beach Miami 3 out of 8 slices.

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