Grandma Pizza from Umberto’s of New Hyde Park

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Grandma Pizza from Umberto’s of New Hyde Park

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umbertos.jpgAfter visiting King Umberto's, we decided to give another Umberto's a try. This time we went to the Umberto's in New Hyde Park. I thought I ate here a few years ago, but the restaurant was set up differently than I remembered.

Unless they redid this place, it was new to me! This is the location that the Deerfield Beach Umberto's claims to be connected to, although I kind of have some doubts about any actual connections.  As the PizzaExpert states in a previous review, I believe they are brothers who no longer speak and the one in Deerfield tries to piggy back off the other brothers fame.

On this pizza excursion, a Grandma Pizza was ordered.  If I have my story straight, Grandma Pizza was invented at this Umberto's and then was further developed at other nearby restaurants.  I'd like to point out that Grandma Pizza isn't one of my favorites, but I had to try it since this Umberto's is the originator.  Keeping that in mind, I still enjoyed this pizza a whole lot.  The sauce had a really nice flavor, but was slightly too chunky for my liking.  There were also some tomato skins in the sauce that were a pain to eat, but this wasn't a problem for the most part.  I didn't like the crust-less inside slices either.  I personally like at least a little bit of crust to hold onto when eating, but once the outside slices are gone on a rectangular pizza like this, that's no longer an option.

This pizza wasn't perfect, but when compared to other Grandma pizzas that I've tried, this definitely was the best.

6 out of 8 slices

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