Grande Pizza Boca Raton – Second Try

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Grande Pizza Boca Raton – Second Try

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at Grande Pizza in Boca Raton, that I wouldn't even chance going back there. Usually if a place turned me off immediately, I seldom consider giving it that second chance.  Second chances should only be granted when there was some potential. Grande Pizza didn't necessarily show me any potential my first try. So, I wish I could explain what caused me to go back, but I have no comprehendible reason. I guess I just felt like trying this place again, and hoping I could find one or two finer points to discuss, in order to help keep them in business.

After my sons basketball game the other day, we decided to go get some ice cream at Marble Slab, which happens to be located a couple of doors down from Grande Pizza. When we pulled up my son mentioned he was hungry and could eat a slice or two. It was during this time, I decided to go in and try a slice that wasn't from a pie and rather one that was reheated from the counter. While scanning the display case, which is quite high (could prevent kids from seeing up there and picking out a slice they want) I noticed a different kind of slice that I hadn't noticed on my previous dining experience. This slice almost reminded me of the way Augy's Sicilian looks. I asked what the name of this handsome looking slice was, and the waitress told me it was a Crusty Cheese, or Crispy Cheese...I just cannot recall.

I ordered up a couple of slices and when they arrived at the table, courtesy of the waitress who was entrusted to carry my pizza from the counter to the booth, since I probably wasn't able to carry the plate myself and avoid having to wait, they looked delicious. I couldn't wait to bring this crisp bottomed slice up to my teeth to take the first bite. To describe my first bite as anything but delightful, would be a huge understatement. This pizza was great, in every way.  The sauce was sweet, the crust was cooked perfectly, and the cheese almost melted in my mouth. This is how they should serve every pie they make. They should give up making their regular Sicilian style slices and focus on this pie instead. The only thing I couldn't get past, was how similar to Augy's Pizza it was.  Our waitress heard me say this to Andy, who was also with me, and said the owner is related to the same family who owns Augy's.  I guess that is where they got their inspiration.

If you are going to Grande Pizza, I can say without hesitation to get the Crusty Cheese (or Crispy Cheese) pizza.  You will not be let down.

Grande Pizza in Boca Raton gets 6 out of 8 slices for their Crusty Cheese pizza.

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