Giovanni’s Pizza and Pasta Palm Beach Gardens

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Giovanni’s Pizza and Pasta Palm Beach Gardens

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giovannis.jpgGiovanni's Pizza Ristorante is located within the Home Depot shopping center in Palm Beach Gardens.  My wife decided to go into a store in the plaza, that my son and I had zero interest in checking out.  We decided to take a walk around to see what other stores were there.  Low and behold we found a pizza place and took a peek inside.

There is nothing fancy about the inside of Giovanni's and during our visit there were only a few couples enjoying the food in the dining room.  We ordered a couple of slices and proceeded to wait for them at the counter.  For some reason, my son chose to have bacon on his slice here, which I found utterly odd, since I am not sure he has tried it prior to this visit.  Would have preferred to see him try it at a place I know, and am comfortable with.

If he wants to discuss his bacon pizza, then he can write his own review, so for now we will solely focus on my regular slice.  The counter help didn't seem too enthused to only give us a couple of slices, but money is money and they should have been happy to sell what they did.  The slice was surprisingly crispy and for the rather large size of the slice, it held up pretty well when I lifted it.  I was quite impressed with the slice they gave, they could have split the slice in half and still called it 1 slice!  The cheese was of the "ok" type of quality.  The sauce here is what I have issues with.  This sauce was very acidic, chunky and just really didn't taste that good.  Based upon the way this pizza sauce tasted, I couldn't see myself going out of the way for another slice, nor wanting to try it on pasta.  Although this could be based upon my proximity to the establishment, the sauce didn't make me crave the slice again.  Giovanni's you should considering thinning out the sauce, and making it more sweet then spicy.  Other then that you have a decent tasting crust.  So please let me and the readers know if you happen to change the sauce recipe so we can come back and try it again.

The people who were eating in the dining room seemed to be locals, who were greeted by name, and that is a nice feeling.  Normally a place cannot survive if the locals don't like it.

Giovanni's Pizza in Palm Beach Gardens gets 4 out of 8 slices.  I was generous with the rating, since the crust was pretty good.

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