Giovanni Italian Restaurant & Pizza Pompano Beach, FL

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Giovanni Italian Restaurant & Pizza Pompano Beach, FL

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After doing some shopping at Brandsmart USA, my wife mentioned to me that we should go try the Pizza Rodizio place we passed several times on Federal Highway in Pompano Beach, FL. Since my wife usually dislikes eating pizza with me, as that is what I eat quite often, I seized the opportunity to go eat some pizza with her.

We headed south on Federal Highway from SW 10th Street in Deerfield Beach looking for the Pizza Rodizio place which was located on the west side of the road. When we got down to the area I noticed there was no more Pizza Rodizio and instead was a new place called Giovanni Italian Restaurant & Pizzeria. Initially we were going to pull away but we noticed a $4.99 2 slice lunch special and decided to give it a try.


Once inside Giovanni Pizza we wondered if we should stay. There was only one other table filled and the place had some cheesy table settings and just didn't have an overall positive charge to it. We were quickly seated and a female server came over to take our order. After questioning if we should get the regular slice special or an entire Sicilian pie, she explained to me that she preferred the regular slices but that most people swear by their Sicilian. So Sicilian it was. While waiting I ordered some garlic bread which never showed at the table.


By the time I asked for the garlic bread again they informed me that they forgot to make it and asked if I still wanted it. At this point I didn't want it since the pizza was coming out. A classier joint with better customer service would have just brought it out anyways to apologize for the error, but all she said was sorry and walked away.


So after watching them take what appeared to be some frozen crust shell out and make the pizza, it finally arrived. Immediately I noticed how cheap they were on the cheese. You can see in the photo above, prior to ripping the first slice off, that there was a very sparing amount of cheese applied. Once I ripped the first slice off for my wife, half of the cheese came off which left even less.  When I got my slice to my plate and put the pizza slice in perspective I couldn't help but notice how much crust there was and once again how little cheese.

I took my first bite and could taste a rather bland and cheap tasting cheese, so maybe it was for the best they applied so little. The sauce was fresh but a little lumpy and quite salty. The crust, although it appeared frozen, wasn't that bad and was probably my favorite part of the pie. For over $15.00 I have had far better pizza.

The oddest part of the experience is when they asked me if I wanted to take the leftover slices from the pie home. As you can tell, I didn't love what I just ate and I couldn't possibly see myself reheating it when home, so I answered politely with a no thank you. What happened next shocked me. The staff ate my remaining slices in plain view. I found this utterly disgusting for some reason. They didn't know if I spit on it, or if I was sick and used my fork nearby????

Anyways, Giovanni Italian Restaurant & Pizzeria in Pompano Beach, FL gets 3 out of 8 slices for their Sicilian pie. I think I will go back and try their regular slices since the table that eventually came in to sit behind us ordered some slices and they didn't look half bad. For $4.99 with a soda it probably isn't a bad deal.

Giovanni Pizza just opened this family run restaurant, and I truly hate that I had to write something sort of negative about them. I would love to see them succeed and last for dozens of years, but they are going to have to step up their game and use this review as motivation to offer better pizza at least in my personal opinion. If you guys need any help at all please email me and I will gladly give you my advice free of charge. Let's make this review a positive for you.

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