Giotto Pizza Miami Beach, FL

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Giotto Pizza Miami Beach, FL

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After meeting with some potential clients the other day we decided to take a walk around the block to try out Giotto Maestro della Pizza on West Avenue. My new friends at the office we were in said it was some of the best pizza around, so I couldn't wait to try it out. The other day when we were in this section of Miami Beach, we walked by it but didn't eat there. I wanted to badly, but my host wanted to go to Oliver's a few doors down. Now was my chance!

Giotto Pizza or Giotto Maestro della Pizza (that isn't the best name for google search since most will just search Giotto) has a few tables outside and about a dozen inside. It isn't the biggest of places but it was cozy enough to pass by as quaint. We were greeted by a couple of Italian guys behind the counter and began to look at the menu.


West Avenue is a road I hadn't been on prior, and it had some cute places next to the Starbucks. I am actually surprised I had never heard of Giotto before, since after seeing some of the pizza's they were serving looked great. Usually I get tons of emails about hip new places that open up. I started to get nervous that maybe it sucked, and this was the reason nobody had recommended it to me yet.

I ordered a plain (margherita) pie which was $9.95, grabbed a can of coke, and sat down. The pizza came out in about 4 minutes it seemed. It looked great, although completely unevenly cut. When I lifted the slice up I was very disappointed with how undercooked it was on the bottom. This pie should have stayed in the oven for about 1 minute longer, or they need to change the oven temperature.

When I took my first pie I was impressed. The cheese tasted top notch, and it was layered on top of some sweet, smooth, tasting sauce that was reminiscent of some of the other Neapolitan Pizza pies I love. The crust tasted ok, but had a lot of flour, and once again it was a soggy gooey taste.

If Giotto Pizza could get their crust right, they could have a contender here. Giotto Pizzeria is a place I would definitely go back to and try again. It should be noted that they are members of the Acrobatic Pizza Team so ask them to toss some dough while you are there eating.

Giotto Pizza in Miami Beach gets 6 out of 8 slices.


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