Gio’s Pizza Miller Place Long Island

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Gio’s Pizza Miller Place Long Island

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giospizza.jpgIt never ceases to amaze me how developed eastern Long Island has become.  The further my sister drives me out on the island, the more and more new strip malls and houses pop up.  We were heading out to the Hamptons, when my sister told me about a pizza place my father and her like to frequent when out those ways.  She thinks they have some really good garlic knots, as well as some quality pizza.  The name of the place is Gio's of Miller place.

I ordered 1 regular and 1 Sicilian slice.  While waiting we ordered a dozen garlic knots, since it seems I cannot get them down in Florida.  For some absurd reason, pizza places refer to them as garlic rolls, which drives me absolutely nuts.   The garlic knots came out extremely well done, and we almost couldn't even bite into them, unless we were looking to chip a tooth.  So we threw them away and ordered another dozen, which came out tasting much much better.  Kind of surprising to me that a place would try to pawn off day old garlic knots on us, instead of just serving some fresh ones. Way to try and save the $1.00 worth of garlic knots Gio's!

gios_pizza.jpgMy pizza was pretty damn good.  The Sicilian was better then the regular, but both were above average.  Biting into the Sicilian was quite enjoyable actually.  The cheese (good quality) melted into the roof of my mouth, as my bottom teeth crunched into the crisp crust.  The dough was soft on the inside and the sauce was as sweet as my son before he started growing up.  The regular slice was a bit greasy.  Luckily I was in the mood for a greasy style slice that day.  And for all the grease, it held up nicely when picked up from the plate.

My pizza experience at Gio's was pretty decent and I will certainly be going back next time I am visiting, to check on their consistency.  But from my first visit there, I would recommend you try this place.

greenpepperpizza.jpgNow, if you talk to my father, you will get a completely different account of his experience.  He ordered a slice with Green Pepper and Mushroom on it. After coming out of the oven, he had to send 1 back since it was so cold.  The other was abnormally cold too, but he had already bit into it and didn't feel right asking for a reheat.  The crust was so brittle, that when picking up the slice it fell apart into pieces.  There was no chance of eating this like a regular slice.  Was more like eating a dish of food instead.  You can see in the photo how undercooked the cheese was, so I have no reason to doubt how cold the rest of it was.

In a stroke of good fortune for Gio's, my dad isn't a reviewer here, so we will have to go by my experience and my slice ranking.

Gio's Pizza in Miller Place, Long Island, gets 6 out of 8 slices.

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  • 343 Route 25A, Miller Place, NY 11764