Giorgio’s Pizza Nesconset, NY

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Giorgio’s Pizza Nesconset, NY

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Had the opportunity to try a pizzeria out in Nesconset, NY the other day that my sister seems to enjoy. Initially we were going to go to Albert's Pizza in Ronkonkoma but I wasn't feeling too hot and just wanted to go back towards my families house. We pulled into the lot on this somewhat cold and overcast Long Island day, actually every day seems cold to someone who just arrived on a plane from Florida.

Upon entering Georgio's Pizza you can view their display of pizzas on the right hand side, while seating is to the left. On the other side of the booths appears to be a restaurant with a full menu for dinner. Nobody in my family has eaten dinner there so I am not sure how it is at night, but I think we will go back there next time to try out some of the pasta dishes.


I ordered the lunch special which consisted of two regular slices and a small soda for $4.50. This soda wasn't small, it was like tiny. This could be one of the smallest cups I have actually seen at a pizza place. At least they offered free refills, but after a few sips, you would need a refill. At this point I also went up and got a Sicilian slice and gave my other regular to my father so I could try them both out. While up there it would seem barbaric not to order a few garlic knots as well.


First out were the regular slices. Just by looking at the slices I could tell that Georgio's Pizzeria in Nesconset used a quality blend. They certainly didn't skimp out on the amount they put on their slices either. Underneath these layers of cheese was just a light amount of sauce which tasted good and really didn't require any alterations in my opinion. The crust was crisp and had a nice taste to it as well.


The Sicilian slice was small but still had a nice taste to it. Unlike the regular slice which I had tried before it, the Sicilian slice didn't really contain enough cheese. They didn't excessively put sauce on this slice either, which didn't really annoy me too much. The crust was my favorite part of the Sicilian slice at Georgio's Pizza. It had a great texture on the bottom and soft in the center.


One thing that did bother me about the regular slice though was the amount of space left between where the cheese ended and the outer crust began. As you can see in the photo, there was plenty of space left to continue through with the sauce and cheese. Oh well, they made up for the amount of cheese on the rest of the slice so I won't hold it too much against them.


The garlic knots were pretty good here and were saturated with oil and some other wonderful tasting ingredients. I would get them again when we go back in for a dinner visit.


Georgio's Pizzeria in Nesconset is a place I would return to. Outside the flaws, the pizza tasted good. I am not too certain if I would order the Sicilian again but I definitely would get the regular. The young man behind the counter was very nice and extremely attentive as well, and I just wanted to compliment him for his care. Not sure if he was related to the owner but he took pride in what he did. The older gentleman wasn't nearly as excited.

Georgio's Pizza in Nesconset gets 5 out of 8 slices, and I will definitely return.


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