Fratelli’s Pizza Lake Worth

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Fratelli’s Pizza Lake Worth

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fratelli.jpgOur second stop in the Lantana/Lake Worth Pizza Tour was at Fratelli's Restaurant & Pizzeria on 5792 S Jog Rd (561) 721-2888.  Fratelli's looked just like the rest of the South Florida Pizza Restaurants.  If you closed your eyes, you would think you were in Carlucci's, Sal's and the like.

We approached the counter and ordered one slice to split.  While waiting we looked around, and felt pretty uncomfortable at the staff who starred at us.  Not sure why we were focal points for their discussing, but nonetheless we were.  When the slice came out the oven I took a photo and then we started to dig in.  This slice was extremely hot, and after the first bit I let it cool down a bit before trying again.

Fratelli's had a nice looking slice of pizza, and they classify it as NY Style on their menu, which is odd.  If having a slice of pizza, with crust, cheese and sauce makes it NY Style, then I would guess every pizza place pretty much serves NY Style.  Why do some places feel the need to state they are NY Style?  Next thing you know, you will be walking around NYC and see places that say we have the best NY Style in New York.

The cheese was really good here, and the crust was cooked almost perfect.  Their sauce lacks a lot of taste, and has some peel in it.  It would have been a much more enjoyable slice, had they sweetened up their sauce. Would be happy to come back and discuss different ways they could achieve this.  I am not a big fan of all that peel.  Their slices were $1.99 which isn't unreasonable, considering what some of their competition charges, but still not cheap enough to make me stop by if i am in the area.

Fratelli's pizza gets 4 out of 8 slices.

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  • 5792 South Jog Road, Lake Worth, FL 33467-6507