Fratelli Di Bufala Pizza Miami Beach

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Fratelli Di Bufala Pizza Miami Beach

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After hearing from one of my trusted Italian confidants about Fratelli Di Bufala located towards the southern end South Beach, Miami, I went there with pure happiness for what my tastebuds were about to encounter.  I mean this Italian was pretty accurate on his Pizza Piola assesment, so why should I doubt him?

After a little while of waiting for a server to come to my table, I ordered a plain always.  Fratelli Di Bufala happens to be pretty chic inside, and it has an inviting patio along the side of the northern end of the building to enjoy a splendid Miami afternoon or evening while eating your pizza.

When my pie arrived, I was a bit horrified at how runny it appeared.  Just look at the photos above to see what I mean.  If I shifted this pie in the slightest way, the cheese and watery sauce quickly found themselves moving like a wave to one side.  I am well aware that buffalo mozz could be watery, but this was a bit excessive.  It appears that Fratelli Di Bufala cooks their pies at a temperature that is just too high for their pizza maker.  This is evident by how well done the crust is, and how undercooked the center was.

The pizza itself has potential.  The sauce was sweet, and pretty smooth.  The crust was extremely tasty, and crisp.  The cheese just didn't taste right.  It was way too watery (I know I keep referring to it as watery, but there is no other way to put it) and because of that it had an overbearingly bland taste.

I guess Fratelli Di Bufala deserves another try, with one of their different pizza makers.  Perhaps I will go back the next time I am down in South Beach and see if there is a new Pizziola behind the counter.  If so, I hope the pizza I eat tastes a bit better then this pie did.

Just goes to show, that because someone is from Italy, and has a 5 o'clock shadow that appears like a full beard, doesn't mean they always know good pizza.

Fratelli Di Bufala gets 5 out of 8 watery slices.

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