Frantoni’s Pizza Williston Park, NY

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Frantoni’s Pizza Williston Park, NY

Posted By: Mad Greek
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Williston Park might actually be a mini Fort Knox of pizza on Long Island.

Just a couple of blocks from the East Williston train station, and right in the middle of a dense pizza geography lies the gem of a place called Frantoni's Pizza. There are two locations. Williston Park and East Meadow (their full menu and sit down Italian restaurant). Is there any doubt how good they make their food and pizza? Well, right around the corner from their East Meadow spot was Villa Grande. Two pizza enter, one get eaten. Frantoni's Pizza is still there blasting out pies and meatballs.

It wouldn't surprise me if the same happened in Williston Park, where they are across the street from Angelina's II on the same stretch.

As for my failure to include Frantoni's Pizza in last months pizza/pizza challenge of Williston Park (Da Angelo vs. Positano), I offer my apologies to the good people and owners of Frantoni's Pizza. Perhaps its to their benefit in the end as this review now centers an unmitigated focus on their collection of finely crafted pies.

Now I will say that I normally tend to shy away from the every-type-of-pizza parlor-type-pizzerias. Not here. Frantoni's Pizza collection is finely crafted and unique in every way, as well as old world style. All in all this craftsmanship just about takes them out of the parlor segment and puts them firmly I the artesian pizza column.

As for me, I went straight to the neopolitan and one other from the old school (the upside down sicilian). Everyone knows that Rosa's of Maspeth is the clear standard of excellence for the upside down. Nevertheless, Frantoni's Pizza was up for the challenge.

The Frantoni upside down Pizza is a very good slice with a fantastic sligtly wavy and crispy artesian bottom. The thin layer of cheese buried under a light and perfect classic sweet pizza sauce will put a big smile on your face. It put one on mine. It was a very good slice and worthy of mentioning along side Rosa's. Frantoni's Pizza in Williston Park, rang the bell on this crispy masterpiece at a solid 6 out of 8 slices for this and nearly caused me to take up another slice.

That double slice honor was left for their neopolitan slice. Here again as with the upside down slice, the sauce is a classic light-sweet pizza sauce that was smooth and delicious. The grande cheese on top was fresh, but with a touch of extra oil on the fold that ran back to the crust for a nice winning finish. The well done crust made this parlor slice nearly stand at attention without a snap fold and had an unusually light crispness to it that I have rarely tasted in a neopolitan slice.

Of course I asked for the secret and I can only tell you to go there and try it for yourself (hint - its in the actual preparation of the fresh made dough daily). This was a 1/4" slice just like Gaby's but was a lighter and less filling slice. Both amazing in their own right. One is for the summer (Frantoni's) and one is for the winter (Gaby's). Oddly enough, both are on the northside of Hillside Avenue about 15 miles apart.

So if you're looking for a solid 7 out of 8 slice ranking and a slice that has great taste and less filling, look no further. Frantoni's neopolitan hits that mark.

Buon Appetito!

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