Florida Marlins Stadium Pizza in a Suite

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Florida Marlins Stadium Pizza in a Suite

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There are a couple of people who make me happy that I moved to Florida. One of those select few is Matt's Pizza, who also reviews on this site. Matt always seems to think of my family and I, as well as many of his closest friends, when he has cool things to do. This time around, Matt graciously invited us to his wife's birthday party, in a suite he got for the evening at Sun Life Stadium, to watch the Florida Marlins play the Phillies.

Upon entering the suite we were greeted with wings, salad, chips, popcorn, corndogs etc. The one thing I didn't notice was pizza though? This was extremely out of Matt's character, since he loves pizza as much as I do. Another friend mentioned to Matt that he should order some pizza, and low and behold, a pie arrived. I thank @mikelamonica for this. It was tough to see where the pie was from, since the box didn't have any markings. It seems extremely unlikely that the Florida Marlin's concession vendors made it, but then again it tasted like "stadium" food.

The cheese wasn't so good, and had the markings of being from a Papa John's or similar style brand. The crust had all the tell-tale signs of being baked in a conveyor belt, and the sauce wasn't anything to speak of. They didn't flood the pie with sauce, so I cannot complain about that. Overall, the pie didn't taste as bad as Domino's Pizza in my opinion, but certainly didn't taste as good as a local mom and pop place who would take time and effort to bake it in a proper setting.

I have tasted worse, and I have tasted better. The pizza at Sun Life Stadium during the Marlin's game gets 3 out of 8 slices.

And Matt, thanks for your friendship! Everyone should have someone like you in their lives!



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