FireStone Wood Fired Pizza Dothan, AL

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FireStone Wood Fired Pizza Dothan, AL

Posted By: Travis
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I have always wanted to write a review here, but Pizza Expert has a lengthy screening period to make sure that we really are pizza connoisseurs and not owners trying to put up good reviews about their places, which probably happens daily to him. After sending in many critiques of places I have eaten pizza at along my travels, he agreed to post this review about FireStone Wood Fired Pizza in Dothan, AL. That is correct, I found some pretty edible pizza in heart of Alabama.

For those of you who never heard of Dothan, AL it is a quaint city located towards the southeastern part of the state, and not that far from the Florida border. Not a place I had ever heard of prior or been to myself, but my job gives me the luxury of travelling all around this great country, and while I was there for a few days I heard about this really good pizza place called FireStone Pizza.

FireStone has live music and not that vast of a menu. Outside of their Wood Fired Pizza, you can get wings, some sandwiches, and burgers. They also had a full bar which was nice. I ordered my pie with fresh tomato and pepperoni, and couldn't wait to taste it. FireStone pizza crust can be baked to your desire, which is nice because I like a crispy pizza and many others I eat with prefer it not to be too well done.

When the pie came out I dug right in. The mozzarella cheese was real fresh and it tasted great. Only some of the other pizzas we had, had sauce and if it did have sauce, it was lightly applied and tasted yummy. The pepperoni tasted great. You can tell that it wasn't store bought. You could taste the flavor within the pepperoni, probably the best part of the pizza.

The ovens, from what the manager said, were shipped in from Tuscany, Italy. They had 6-24 inch pizzas. Overall, it was a great pizzeria to find in the small town of Dothan, AL. If you are ever there I say go check it out and surprise yourself.

FireStone Pizza in Dothan, AL gets 6 out of 8 slices from me.

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