Eddie’s Pizza Thin Crust in New Hyde Park

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Eddie’s Pizza Thin Crust in New Hyde Park

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img_0655img_0656I hadn't been to Eddie's Pizza in New Hyde Park for what seems like 10 years!  Eddie's Pizza is located on 2048 Hillside Ave, New Hyde Park, NY 11040 (516) 354-9780.  Eddie's has long been known by the locals as the best Bar Pizza in New York.  Ed Levine describes what a bar pie is:

What defines a bar pizzeria? They're usually family-run businesses that have been passed down from generation to generation. It's pizza served in a bar (of course), which means minors are not let in unaccompanied by adults. Bar pizza is served by waiters, waitresses, and bartenders who, let's just say, have been around the pizza oven more than a few times. There's a good chance that the choicest tables are booths.

What is bar pizza like? It's usually very thin-crusted to (I'm guessing) leave plenty of room in the eater's stomach for beer. It's baked in a gas oven that may have replaced a coal oven if the bar is old enough. You will not find any fancy-pants ingredients or toppings in or on a bar pizza.

Last time I ate at Eddie's Pizza, I loved it.  It was delicately thin, and had a delicious sweet tasting sauce, which was cooked perfectly under the tasty mozzarella cheese.  This time we went to Eddie's, it was with great excitement, as I wondered if the food still tasted the same.  We arrived at Eddie's Pizza on this frigid night, only like 15 minutes before they were closing the kitchen.  Unlike Rizzo's Pizza in Astoria, they made us our food, and without an attitude I should note.

When the pizza came out, it looked exactly how I imagined it used to.  Perfect amount of cheese and sauce, and a super crisp thin crust.  When I say thin, I meant thinner then you could possibly imagine.  When you eat there you will understand.  I had the plain pizza, and my friend had the Potato, Bacon, and Cheddar pie.  My pizza was really good, but not as good as I recalled it to be.  The only reason I could think it tasted the way it did, was because of the time.  Something tells me they had to re-fire the ovens for us, and just really didn't put the time and effort into making it perfect.  Normally I would rip a place apart for this kind of treatment, but in their fairness it was like close to 11 I think, and they were nice enough to give us any food.  It is hard to be angry at a place that still managed to give us a pretty damn good pie right before closing.  Everyone looked tired that worked there, and the pizza reflected it.

This will in no way prevent me from going back to this well known establishment.  Eddie's definitely deserves another chance, and will get one.  For this visit I am going to give them 6 out of 8 slices.  So it could only get better from here!  Try this place if you can!

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