Eat Augys Pizza In Boca Raton Only When Hot

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Eat Augys Pizza In Boca Raton Only When Hot

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of Augy's, I happen to enjoy their Sicilian Style pizza.

Although I found it totally repulsive that they have a lunch buffet with pizza sitting out on the counter, with nothing covering it, and a bunch of people breathing and coughing as they grab slices, I decided I wouldn't let that get in the way of my hunger.  Boy, I wish I did though!  Wonder when the department of health will cease this buffet!

Here is the problem with having a lunch buffet...If you do not have the turn around, the pizza sits there and gets cold.  The slices I originally grabbed were gross.  The sauce was cold, the dough was chewy, and the cheese certainly lost any quality that I might have previously spoken of.  Augy's you have truly disappointed me.  I have recommended your establishment to countless people who ask me where to get a good pie, and this is how I get repaid?  Cold Pizza.

Just then, out of the corner of my eye, I noticed the pizza guy taking something smoking hot out of the oven, and I naturally was praying it would be a Sicilian.  Slowly I walked up to the counter and was overjoyed to see it was.  I grabbed a couple of slices and sat down, and finally got the taste that Augy's has kept me coming back for.  My advice to anyone going to Augy's Pizza in Boca Raton:  ONLY EAT THEIR PIZZA WHEN HOT.  If it cools down, ask them to reheat it.  Their pizza loses all quality when it cools down for some odd reason.  Best bet is to just order a fresh pie even during lunch and skip the buffet.

I will give Augy's Pizza in Boca Raton 5 out of 8 slices, but they should only get 4 for my first slices.

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