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Dominic’s Pizza Boca Raton

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dominics_pizza.jpgdomincs.jpgThis pizza tasted great.  Let's start off with that.  The Dominic's located by the turnpike on Glades, 8177 West Glades Road 561.487.3186 has to be the best of the Dominic stores.  We will review the Dominic's II later in the week, but for now we will focus on Tony and this location he runs.

On this visit, my son and I went to grab a couple of slices before going to some stores.  Since we were heading out west, I suggested we go to Dominic's Pizza.  When we sat down I ordered 2 Sicilian slices.  I could not believe how good they tasted this trip.  The cheese tasted incredible, there was a perfect amount of sauce under it, and the crust was crispy, yet airy.  I never had such an amazing slice like this before.  We have since gone back 3 times, just to get Sicilian slices during the weekend. I keep forgetting to find out what cheese he uses on the Sicilian pies, because it tastes great, and he uses the perfect amount.

Dominic's I by the turnpike, could easily have one of the best Sicilian style slices in Boca Raton.  If you can get past all the nagging, complaining, patrons who pack this place nightly, you are in for a treat.  The owner happens to be one of the few of his kind around these parts.  He actually remembers who his regulars are and makes sure he sends over something to the table to thank them for waiting patiently and coming back.  That is a very classy thing to do, and something 99% of the other pizza owners down here neglect.  This must be why there is always a wait there after 5pm.

Dominic's Pizza gets 6 out of 8 slices!

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