Dominic’s Pizza – Boca Raton – Florida

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Dominic’s Pizza – Boca Raton – Florida

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Sorry about being late posting this one, but last week while my family was in town visiting, my brother in law asked me to take him to a place that consistently provides good food that I hadn't taken them to before.

So I took them to Dominic's I in Boca Raton.  Dominic's has 4 pizza places around the South Florida area.  Two in Boca Raton, one by the Florida Turnpike and one out on State Road 7 (441) in the Home Depot shopping center.

One is located in Lake Worth, and the other is located in Boynton Beach.

Dominic's has been a place I have gone to since I moved to Boca Raton, Florida 10 years ago.  If you can get past the whining old people who like to go there and complain that the free condiments are greasy and should get a free dinner because of it, you will enjoy this place.  I usually get the Sicilian pizza when I am there since they seem to grasp the important of the crust when making it.  The cheese usually glides off the slice making it a delicious experience.  The guy who owns this Dominic's location is a class act who has always done right by me.  I believe his name is Anthony, and he is one of the few owners of a place down in Boca Raton that actually believes in doing right by his regulars without saying anything or looking for recognition.  Some examples of this have been him sending over food to the table, free of charge, just to thank us for coming so often!  Other examples are having been seated without having to wait our full turn since he realizes we come in both the summer and winter as we are year round residents.

When you bite into the pizza here you can tell Dominic's uses some quality ingredients.  I will give Dominic's of Boca Raton 6 out of 8 slices, and you can definitely expect to see me eating back here again!

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